Shea Nuts

A Shea nut is the seed of the shea fruit that grows on the shea tree. The shea tree generally grows wild and it’s an indigenous tree species to many countries in West Africa. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Nigeria is the World’s largest producer of Shea nuts with capacity to produce 355,000 metric ton of Shea nuts per annum which amounts to approximately 24% of the world’s production capacity of 1,500,000 metric ton.

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Shea Tree

Shea tree grows up to 9-12m in height and begin to bear commercial quantities of fruit after approximately 20 to 50 years after maturation. It blossoms in Feb./March and becomes matured between April and June.
Shea Leaves are elliptical to oblong in shapes with entire margins. They appear cream to brown in color , in dense clusters and are insect pollinated. They are medicinal and used to cure stomach ache
Shea Fruit is light green with a diameter of 5-8cm.It may contain 1 or 2 kernel but occasionally have 3 kernels.
Shea Nuts are the seed of the shea fruit from where shea butter is extracted.

Due to the abundance of Shea nuts in various part of the country and the network of resources available to Green Factory Company limited, our procurement department ensures that our sourced Shea nuts are of premium quality and the department does not only source nuts from these villages but also engages the villagers on the basic steps necessary to ensure that the trees are preserved, fruits are picked from ground and not from trees so that the entire business process remains sustainable.

Basic parameters checked by the team includes; moisture content less than seven percent, mould-free and clean.

Green Factory Company Limited has the capacity to supply 700 metric ton of premium shea nuts per month.

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