Our Profile

Green Factory Company Limited (GFCL) is a global allied company specialized in the production of premium quality Shea butter and the sourcing of Shea and cashew nuts directly from cooperative farmers dedicated to sustainable farming.

Shea Butter/Oil can be used in its natural raw form or as an additive in products manufactured by various industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and confectionery.

Our global headquarters is located in Houston Texas and our manufacturing facility is located in Nigeria with scalable capacity to meet the needs of our clients. Our installed capacity is 300 metric ton per month.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO), Nigeria is the World’s largest producer of Shea nut (FAO stat 2013) with the capacity to produce 355,000 Metric Ton of Shea nut per annum which amounts to approximately 24% of the world’s production capacity of 1,500,000 Metric tons.

GFCL is committed to the highest quality products through sustainable, ethical and organic farming. We work directly with our local farmers without any middlemen.

Our products are made to meet the highest quality standards with quality controls in all steps of our manufacturing process.